2019 Annual General Meeting

Ontario Reined Cowhorse Association Annual General Meeting Minutes – September 2019

35 members & 2 non-members in attendance.

President’s Message: The club had great turnout in 2019, with an increased number of runs all year.  Everyone put forth an excellent effort and the camaraderie and sportsmanship was fantastic – our friendship goes beyond competition.  Our association and our shows only work because of all our volunteers – thank you.  Thank you to Jon Walker & his family for hosting us, and thank you to our sponsors and fundraising committee.  Thank you everyone for respecting the cattle.

Financial Report: Current balance of $12591.09.  That is an increase from $10,424 balance at January 2019.  We try to maintain ourselves as per our non-profit organization status.  With so many sponsors this year we were able to pass along much more to our exhibitors.

Fundraising Report: Miranda gathered many new sponsors for 2019.

Show Committee: Thanks to Craig & Jen for getting judges and taking entries.

New Business: Members thanked us for having great shows in a great environment.  Motion approved for the Green as Grass Herdwork to become an official ORCHA class.  Discussion regarding attracting capable youth to this sport; challenging task, suggestion for a leadline option.  Suggestion to avoid overlapping show dates with other associations was noted.  Suggestion to adopt a policy for working cattle in unfavourable weather was noted.

Elections: Current directors up for re-election accepted nominations, with exception of Shelly Colling.  Louise Harris nominated and accepted Shelly’s position as Director for 2020.

Adjourn for banquet and Awards