2022 Annual General Meeting

Ontario Reined Cowhorse Association Annual General Meeting Minutes – September 11, 2022

Attendance sheet circulated – 31 members and 8 guests

President’s Message:
• Werner thanked the volunteers, cooks, announcer, directors, members, sponsors and Jon Walker for making 2022 a great year.

Financial Report:
• a current balance of approximately $17 000
• We try to make our shows affordable with the most payout possible for each class.

• It was proposed that we change the order of classes, in particular, the Open and Non Pro. This would give the trainers a chance to show the horses before the customers.
• After discussion and reviewing class statistics, the Box and Drive class should become an official class.
• Through discussion and suggestions presented, the directors will reconsider the criteria for the Herd Work classes and add a third division. (Suggestions = Novice Rider with a $500 limit, Non Pro, Green as Grass with a $250 limit, use previous earnings to create earnings limits.)
• Suggestion that we start the show with the Herd Work class, however, for our facility and use of cattle, having the Herd Work at the end is more user-friendly.

Elections: There are 5 open positions.
• Nominations = Jen Martin, Steve Wilson, Craig Black, Hayley Bathgate, Troy Donaldson, Dean Mougenot
• Elected directors = Jen Martin, Steve Wilson, Craig Black, Hayley Bathgate, Dean Mougenot

New Business:
• ORCHA usually makes a charitable donation – where should the money go this year? Lyne Frey suggested Hopewell Children’s Home.
• Members present are hoping that we will organize a fall clinic

Upcoming Events:
• ORCHA Trail Ride September 24
• Rolling K Classic October 8